Simply Clean.

Quick Ship

As your business grows, Compile adapts to changes within your workplace and grows with you. Compile's simplicity and flexibility aims to keep your long-term costs low. It's the affordable furniture solution to complete your office environment today AND tomorrow without sacrificing quality or beauty. Ideal for workplace, education and healthcare environments, Compile can create a range of planning applications in a curated palette of textiles and finishes, and ships quickly for easy delivery and installation.

Simply Quick.

Compile’s Quick Ship program offers a concise, carefully curated collection of pieces that deliver maximum functionality and value, are easy to specify and install and ship within 10 manufacturing day.

Simply Clean.

A simply clean aesthetic. Quick Ship panels are available in a clean monolithic appearance and utilize aluminum raceway covers that are available with or without knockouts. Optional PET Felt panels provide a softer visual aesthetic while easily integrated height adjustable tables add movement throughout the day.

Simply Simple.

Simply create the space you want. Compile panels and universal corner posts ship with pre-assembled “Quick Connect”, which makes it one of the easiest system products to install and reconfigure. Workstations accommodate a range of footprints and are a flexible solution for your interior.