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Evolve is a privately owned company that takes great pride in providing total commitment to its employees and strong support for family values. Evolve is recognized a leading manufacturer of office furniture and as such, acknowledges the need for the industry to be environmentally responsible for the welfare of future generations. It is with these basic values in mind that Evolve approaches the issue of environmental management.


Environmental Success Story

Environmental Success Story


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Environmental Management System


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Leed Environmental Profile


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Leed Environmental Profile


Seeing The Big Picture

At Evolve, it means integrating our efforts to sustain the earth, air and water into our entire corporate culture, at all levels, in all operations. 360° thinking means that at every stage of every product's life, from conceptualization through manufacturing to reclamation of resources at the end of its life, we ensure that it has the smallest possible negative impact on human well-being and the environment.

360° thinking means going beyond our own walls and working with our suppliers, customers and the broader community to achieve more than we could alone. It means building on past successes and developing new technologies to take us into the future. It's about seeing the results of our efforts in the world around us and knowing that we have laid the foundation so that future generations can carry our success even further.


Evolve is furniture that fits your work style and your budget.

ISO 18001:2007
CGSB #OHS 08004
Registration Number

Evolve has successfully implemented an environmental management system that conforms to the international standard.


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TerraChoice has been acquired by UL, a premier safety science company.

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Level 2 Certified

Systems Furniture: Evolve and Compile
Global Contract Inc.
Product Category: Furniture; Systems Furniture; Panel System
Certification: level™ 2
Certification Period: December 16, 2012 - December 31, 2015
Registration Number: SCS-SCF-02454


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